Horse Back Hunting


Chris Troskie Safaris is one of only a few African  Hunting Outfitters that offer hunters the opportunity to hunt on horseback - the same way our forefathers and the pioneer African Hunters did... FC Selous and several other well-known Hunters used horses for their Big Game hunts in wild Africa and you too can turn back the clock and hunt Africa in the "old" way...! Our horses are well-schooled and grew up in the African bush. We have weight limitations for riders and can accommodate experienced riders on our horseback hunts. Hunting on horseback gives hunters the opportunity to hunt in areas which are inaccessible by modern vehicle and more territory can be covered than on foot.

Non-hunting companions / riders are welcome to join in the experience and share the excitement of the hunt. In fact, we encourage hunters to bring their non-hunting companions with!

We typically return to our base camp in the evenings, enjoy a good plate of food, companionship around the camp fire and sleep in a comfortable bed at night but if required we can also set up spike camps to overnight in the bush and "rough" it a bit.

We do not shoot from horseback but the height advantage one has from horseback provides for better visibility over shrub and smaller trees. Because game do not associate horses with danger one is likely to get closer to game before dismounting for the final stalk. This has proven to be a very successful way of getting closer to your quarry.

We use Boerperd, Anglo/Arab and various other crosses that grew up in and are used to the terrain we hunt in.

Trail saddles are used for riding which add to your comfort.

True free range horseback hunts are available for animals that naturally occur in our area. Available species include Kudu, Klipspringer, Mountain Reedbuck, Bushbuck, Warthog and Bushpig. Ranch hunts on horseback are also offered on other properties in close proximity to us.

No additional charges are levied for hunting on horseback with Chris Troskie Safaris on Sabrisa Ranch.