Code of Conduct


As Professional Hunters or staff associated to CTS we will:

  1. Comply with the PHASA Code of Conduct, promote professionalism in the hunting industry, promote the benefits of professional hunting to the conservation and sustainable utilization of wildlife and educate the general public on the contribution hunting makes to conservation.
  2. Not be associated with or involved with any form of canned hunting.
  3. Have the necessary qualifications and licenses to operate as a Professional Hunter and uphold all rules and regulations stipulated by the governing hunting body.
  4. Ensure that all clients' firearms are tested and checked prior to any hunting taking place.
  5. Ensure that firearm safety in the field and in camp is paramount and strictly enforced.
  6. Not permit any client to shoot at any running game, as this increases the chances of wounding animals.
  7. Ensure that wounded game is pursued at all costs and by any means to ensure that the animal is killed and not left wounded in the field.
  8. Report any wounded and lost dangerous game animals to the Park Warden, adjoining concessions and as many local people as possible.
  9. Not allow clients to take shots that they are not capable of to prevent unnecessary wounding. The objective is to kill an animal as quickly and as humanely as possible.
  10. At all times endeavour to hunt old trophy animals, this way not affecting the gene pool.
  11. At all times when photographing the trophy hunted, portray the animal in a respectful way.
  12. Respect all fauna and flora.
  13. Respect the integrity and property of local communities.
  14. Not exceed the allocated quota in any given season and not hunt any animal without a legal hunting license.
  15. Record all trophy measurements in detail for submission to the Governing Body.
  16. Keep a detailed log of all game sightings for submission to the Governing Body.
  17. Ensure that no littering of any kind takes place.
  18. Endeavour to avoid hunting any trophy Elephant out of breeding herds.
  19. Assist Park Wardens / Governing Bodies with the control of any problem animals.
  20. Ensure as far as possible that the carcasses of all animals hunted are used as a food source and not wasted.
  21. Ensure that all baits and wire used for carnivore hunting shall be removed after the hunt.Obey all laws of the land and uphold at all times the spirit of fair chase.