Availability 2017


Because we personally host all our hunting safaris, availability is limited and many of our clients book their safaris years in advance.

We host an average of 35 clients per year. This allows us to give each and every one of our clients  the personal attention that we believe  they deserve and adds to the exclusivity of our hunting and photographic safari experiences.

When we host group or family hunts, we limit the sizes of groups so that it remains manageable and you will still get the full CT Safaris experience.

The CT Safaris experience means:

  1. Personally hosted safari by Chris and Sabina Troskie. (You will not be dropped off in a Hunting Camp and left in the care of some Professional Hunter whom you've never met or communicated with. We will be there with you every step of the way!)
  2. Hunters will be guided by Chris himself (who has 18 years experience in guiding Clients to Africa's Big Game). And even if you booked a group hunt requiring the services of additional Professional Hunters, Chris will still be there in Hunting Camp with you every day. All the Professional Hunters that we employ share our same passion for service and are hand selected by Chris.
  3. Exclusive use of Hunting Camp and Amenities. (Unless specifically otherwise arranged when you make your booking, it will be you and your hunting party only in our camps. There will be no strangers sharing camp with you - GUARANTEED!)
  4. Exclusive access to  Hunting Areas. (There will be no-one other than you and your hunting party in any of our hunting areas during your hunt.)
  5. Assistance / Advice before and after the safari. (Our service does not start when you arrive in Africa and it does not end when you depart from Africa. We will be there for you from planning stages of your safari - all the way through to you receiving your trophies in good order. This includes but is not limited to selecting and booking flights, recommending a hunting area specific to your needs, selecting a Taxidermist / Dip/Pack Company and getting your trophies to the Taxidermist / Dip/Pack Company without delay after your hunt.)

The table below shows our current availability for the 2016 Hunting Season. Whilst we've only included the most popular hunting months (March through September in the table; please keep in mind that we can legally hunt throughout the year so if the dates you would like to book are not covered in the table, please contact us to inquire about availability.

  • Dates listed as open are available for bookings at this point in time.
  • Dates listed as  tentative are dates reserved but not formally booked yet (i.e. no signed contract or deposit received at time of publishing).
  • Dates marked booked are dates already reserved for hunting guests (contract and deposit in place).
  • Dates marked Cancellation Hunt Available are dates that were booked but hunts were cancelled. Discounted pricing may be offered for these dates.

If the dates you have in mind for your exclusive hunting trip with CT Safaris already shows "booked", don't let this stop you from contacting us. Unforeseen circumstances sometimes do occur and occasionally we do get cancellations. So we would still like to hear from you and would love to work with you on either your preferred or alternative dates.

Day Date Availability
Wednesday 3/1/2017 Open
Thursday 3/2/2017 Open
Friday 3/3/2017 Open
Saturday 3/4/2017 Tentative
Sunday 3/5/2017 Tentative
Monday 3/6/2017 Tentative
Tuesday 3/7/2017 Tentative
Wednesday 3/8/2017 Tentative
Thursday 3/9/2017 Tentative
Friday 3/10/2017 Tentative
Saturday 3/11/2017 Booked
Sunday 3/12/2017 Booked
Monday 3/13/2017 Booked
Tuesday 3/14/2017 Booked
Wednesday 3/15/2017 Booked
Thursday 3/16/2017 Booked
Friday 3/17/2017 Booked
Saturday 3/18/2017 Booked
Sunday 3/19/2017 Booked
Monday 3/20/2017 Booked
Tuesday 3/21/2017 Booked
Wednesday 3/22/2017 Booked
Thursday 3/23/2017 Booked
Friday 3/24/2017 Booked
Saturday 3/25/2017 Booked
Sunday 3/26/2017 Booked
Monday 3/27/2017 Booked
Tuesday 3/28/2017 Booked
Wednesday 3/29/2017 Booked
Thursday 3/30/2017 Booked
Friday 3/31/2017 Booked
Saturday 4/1/2017 Open
Sunday 4/2/2017 Open
Monday 4/3/2017 Open
Tuesday 4/4/2017 Open
Wednesday 4/5/2017 Open
Thursday 4/6/2017 Open
Friday 4/7/2017 Open
Saturday 4/8/2017 Open
Sunday 4/9/2017 Open
Monday 4/10/2017 Open
Tuesday 4/11/2017 Open
Wednesday 4/12/2017 Open
Thursday 4/13/2017 Open
Friday 4/14/2017 Open
Saturday 4/15/2017 Open
Sunday 4/16/2017 Open
Monday 4/17/2017 Open
Tuesday 4/18/2017 Open
Wednesday 4/19/2017 Open
Thursday 4/20/2017 Open
Friday 4/21/2017 Open
Saturday 4/22/2017 Open
Sunday 4/23/2017 Open
Monday 4/24/2017 Open
Tuesday 4/25/2017 Open
Wednesday 4/26/2017 Open
Thursday 4/27/2017 Open
Friday 4/28/2017 Open
Saturday 4/29/2017 Open
Sunday 4/30/2017 Tentative
Monday 5/1/2017 Tentative
Tuesday 5/2/2017 Tentative
Wednesday 5/3/2017 Tentative
Thursday 5/4/2017 Tentative
Friday 5/5/2017 Tentative
Saturday 5/6/2017 Tentative
Sunday 5/7/2017 Tentative
Monday 5/8/2017 Tentative
Tuesday 5/9/2017 Tentative
Wednesday 5/10/2017 Tentative
Thursday 5/11/2017 Tentative
Friday 5/12/2017 Booked
Saturday 5/13/2017 Booked
Sunday 5/14/2017 Booked
Monday 5/15/2017 Booked
Tuesday 5/16/2017 Booked
Wednesday 5/17/2017 Booked
Thursday 5/18/2017 Booked
Friday 5/19/2017 Booked
Saturday 5/20/2017 Booked
Sunday 5/21/2017 Booked
Monday 5/22/2017 Booked
Tuesday 5/23/2017 Booked
Wednesday 5/24/2017 Booked
Thursday 5/25/2017 Booked
Friday 5/26/2017 Booked
Saturday 5/27/2017 Booked
Sunday 5/28/2017 Booked
Monday 5/29/2017 Open
Tuesday 5/30/2017 Open
Wednesday 5/31/2017 Open
Thursday 6/1/2017 Open
Friday 6/2/2017 Tentative
Saturday 6/3/2017 Tentative
Sunday 6/4/2017 Tentative
Monday 6/5/2017 Tentative
Tuesday 6/6/2017 Tentative
Wednesday 6/7/2017 Tentative
Thursday 6/8/2017 Tentative
Friday 6/9/2017 Tentative
Saturday 6/10/2017 Tentative
Sunday 6/11/2017 Open
Monday 6/12/2017 Open
Tuesday 6/13/2017 Open
Wednesday 6/14/2017 Booked
Thursday 6/15/2017 Booked
Friday 6/16/2017 Booked
Saturday 6/17/2017 Booked
Sunday 6/18/2017 Booked
Monday 6/19/2017 Booked
Tuesday 6/20/2017 Booked
Wednesday 6/21/2017 Booked
Thursday 6/22/2017 Booked
Friday 6/23/2017 Booked
Saturday 6/24/2017 Booked
Sunday 6/25/2017 Open
Monday 6/26/2017 Open
Tuesday 6/27/2017 Open
Wednesday 6/28/2017 Open
Thursday 6/29/2017 Open
Friday 6/30/2017 Open
Saturday 7/1/2017 Open
Sunday 7/2/2017 Open
Monday 7/3/2017 Open
Tuesday 7/4/2017 Open
Wednesday 7/5/2017 Open
Thursday 7/6/2017 Open
Friday 7/7/2017 Booked
Saturday 7/8/2017 Booked
Sunday 7/9/2017 Booked
Monday 7/10/2017 Booked
Tuesday 7/11/2017 Booked
Wednesday 7/12/2017 Booked
Thursday 7/13/2017 Booked
Friday 7/14/2017 Booked
Saturday 7/15/2017 Booked
Sunday 7/16/2017 Booked
Monday 7/17/2017 Booked
Tuesday 7/18/2017 Booked
Wednesday 7/19/2017 Booked
Thursday 7/20/2017 Booked
Friday 7/21/2017 Booked
Saturday 7/22/2017 Booked
Sunday 7/23/2017 Open
Monday 7/24/2017 Open
Tuesday 7/25/2017 Open
Wednesday 7/26/2017 Open
Thursday 7/27/2017 Open
Friday 7/28/2017 Open
Saturday 7/29/2017 Open
Sunday 7/30/2017 Open
Monday 7/31/2017 Open
Tuesday 8/1/2017 Open
Wednesday 8/2/2017 Open
Thursday 8/3/2017 Open
Friday 8/4/2017 Open
Saturday 8/5/2017 Open
Sunday 8/6/2017 Open
Monday 8/7/2017 Open
Tuesday 8/8/2017 Open
Wednesday 8/9/2017 Open
Thursday 8/10/2017 Open
Friday 8/11/2017 Open
Saturday 8/12/2017 Open
Sunday 8/13/2017 Open
Monday 8/14/2017 Open
Tuesday 8/15/2017 Open
Wednesday 8/16/2017 Open
Thursday 8/17/2017 Open
Friday 8/18/2017 Open
Saturday 8/19/2017 Open
Sunday 8/20/2017 Booked
Monday 8/21/2017 Booked
Tuesday 8/22/2017 Booked
Wednesday 8/23/2017 Open
Thursday 8/24/2017 Open
Friday 8/25/2017 Open
Saturday 8/26/2017 Open
Sunday 8/27/2017 Open
Monday 8/28/2017 Open
Tuesday 8/29/2017 Open
Wednesday 8/30/2017 Open
Thursday 8/31/2017 Open
Friday 9/1/2017 Open
Saturday 9/2/2017 Open
Sunday 9/3/2017 Open
Monday 9/4/2017 Open
Tuesday 9/5/2017 Open
Wednesday 9/6/2017 Open
Thursday 9/7/2017 Open
Friday 9/8/2017 Open
Saturday 9/9/2017 Open
Sunday 9/10/2017 Open
Monday 9/11/2017 Open
Tuesday 9/12/2017 Open
Wednesday 9/13/2017 Open
Thursday 9/14/2017 Open
Friday 9/15/2017 Open
Saturday 9/16/2017 Open
Sunday 9/17/2017 Open
Monday 9/18/2017 Open
Tuesday 9/19/2017 Open
Wednesday 9/20/2017 Open
Thursday 9/21/2017 Open
Friday 9/22/2017 Open
Saturday 9/23/2017 Open
Sunday 9/24/2017 Open
Monday 9/25/2017 Open
Tuesday 9/26/2017 Open
Wednesday 9/27/2017 Open
Thursday 9/28/2017 Open
Friday 9/29/2017 Open
Saturday 9/30/2017 Open